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HR Solutions

​Does your Human Resources Department have time to think strategically?


Your Human Resource department is spending their time tracking benefit eligibility, elections, and payroll deductions, managing open enrollment, handling billing statements and answering general employee questions.

We take care of the time consuming tasks so your HR department can focus on the serious work of developing an experienced work force by reducing turnover, and managing performance issues. We can give your HR department the time it needs for planning and conducting excellent training programs and for recognizing, tracking and acquiring key talent for your company.

Self-Service Technology with a Service-Based Call Center is the solution. Outsource your non strategic HR functions by creating your own Employee Benefit Service Center through us!

We offer:
• employee support through web-based, self-service technology
• a customized call center
• a service-based support to HR including:
  - bill reconciliation
  - new hire enrollment
  - management of voluntary products
  - other services that can be consolidated to generate cost savings
   (including COBRA/HIPAA, FSA and HRA administration.)

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