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Diversified Group Benefits Company understands that the only true way to manage the cost of your employee’s health and welfare plans is to find a way to effectively manage your medical and prescription claims.

We provide our clients and their employee’s the education, technology and resources to be better consumers of the products and services they select under their benefit plans. Employers need to take advantage of PPO networks and the discount they provide. Benefits need to be designed with consumerism in mind and we need to encourage employees to take advantage of those discounts whenever possible.

Our model is designed to incorporate claims management systems that will audit claims; making sure the proper discounts are applied and that they are coordinated for legitimacy and accuracy. In addition, market research is done annually to benchmark the current plan against all other comparable products and/or services. With an efficient claims system and the proper bench marking we can then negotiate with the carriers to achieve your most competitive rates.

Employers must provide employees with resources that will help them become better informed consumers of their health benefits. We’ll help you design plans that empower your employees and give them the necessary tools to make health care choices that will impact their own health and economic situation positively.


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