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Health Management Basics

Health risk factors cost all companies tens of thousands of excess dollars every year. In fact, 25-50% of disease is caused by lifestyle risk factors such as poor diet, lack of regular exercise, high stress levels, obesity and smoking. Those employees with high health risks not only cost companies millions of dollars in health care expenditures, but also cost significantly more in presenteeism, increased absenteeism due to illness, increased workers comp costs and employee turnover costs.

Each health risk increases cost. The more health risks or conditions an employee has, the higher the costs. For example, recent research has shown that:

• Employees who reduced just one health risk reduced absenteeism by 2% and improved presenteeism by 9%.

• Employees with 4-5 health risks cost an average 3.7 times more in annual
  healthcare costs than employees with 0 risks.

• Employees who do not exercise use on average 118% more in annual health care costs.

• Employees who smoke cost on average 20% more in annual health care costs.

• Medical costs per each employee with diabetes are on average $13,224 compared to $2,650 for each employee without diabetes or another chronic condition.

• Employees with a low overall wellness score on a health risk assessment cost 
  considerably more in annual workers comp costs than employees with a high score.


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