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Detroit Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Business Health Plan

Helping Business Executives:  Diversified Group Benefits Company coordinates and optimizes every company or personal dollar to achieve its maximum value.

Reduce Cost and Increase Value of Benefits    C. of C. says 34% of payroll and increasing

New Government Regulations on Benefits
HIPPA; COBRA; Section 125, HRA's, HSA's,  Medicare "D" and PPACA

Business Continuation Plans
Ownership transfer, Key Person coverage,  Overhead costs, Debt

Pension/Profit Sharing/401(k)/S.E.P./ S.I.M.P.L.E.    Taxes vs. Retirement

Executive Compensation Plans
Deferred compensation / SERP's / 401(k) look-a-likes, salary continuation, group carve outs

Wills and Trusts    How much will your family keep?

Business Valuation    How much is the company worth?

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer    F.E.T. between 37% an 60%

Investment Management/Income Tax Strategies    How to keep and grow more of what is yours

Personal and Corporate Financial Planning    People do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan

Building/Work Comp./Auto/ Liability and Small Business Insurance
Asset protection costs money too


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